Profit from each communication and earn residuals from your network of referrals. Whether they're friends, fans or followers, every referral you make can make you money. When anyone activates an account using your invite, we reward you with a residual percentage of all their activity. The more your network connects, the more you profit.


Your network is your net worth. If you’re influential online, someone wants to have a conversation with you. Use your reach and connect your network to Aeiway. Refer others and get paid for their interactions. You get to make money even if you don't respond by getting a residual percentage from your referrals who use Aeiway.


Your referrals earn you a residual every time they communicate with Aeiway. With the potential to make up to $50k from each referral. We track interactions for residuals on a referral system that goes two levels deep (letting you earn from an invite sign-up sent by someone you referred).


Aeiway Splits let everyone benefit from an interaction. Communication payments are split between Advisors, Aeiway, and Referrals and 

Pro Members. 


Advisors take away 80% of every communication they’re involved in. Aeiway receives 10% and the remaining percentage is reserved for

Referrers and Memeber of our Pro Membersip.