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Life Coaching 101

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Life coaches are objective and experienced problem-solvers who help clients reach their goals.

What Is a Life Coach?

If you want to forge a career helping people achieve their goals, adjust through difficult transitions, and inspire life-changing habits, then becoming a life coach may be the right move for you. Life coaching has become an over $2 billion industry. Life coach can be an umbrella term for motivational coaching and personal and professional mentorship. Typically, a successful life coach will have specialized experience in helping their clients solve a specific problem — such as becoming more productive at work or breaking through barriers in a personal relationship.

What do life coaches do for their clients?

Life coaches are objective and experienced problem-solvers who help clients reach their goals. If that sounds like it includes a lot of specialties — it does! A life coach is also distinctly different from a therapist or counselor. Often, therapy looks at past experiences and

trauma to work on changing thought patterns. Life coaches, on the other hand, accept you as you are today while giving you the tools to make a change for a better tomorrow.

What is the annual salary for a life coach?

Because each coach comes with a unique background, set of problem-solving skills, and qualifications, the annual earnings for life coaches can vary widely. One study of life coaches in 2006 estimated the average salary was $50,458 in the U.S. Mostly, life coaches work via hourly- or service-based payments.

How much can a life coach charge for services?

That depends how the life coach has set up their business. Most life coaches charge their clients per hour, while some work with clients until a particular project is completed. In general, life coaches charge between $75 and $3,500 per hour. The majority of life coaches, however, charge between $500 and $725 per hour, according to a Harvard Business Review study. The same study found that the average coach-client relationship lasts for about 1 year.

How can I get started as a life coach?

You can get started today on building your business as a professional life coach. You can (1) pick your specialization and which clients you’ll market yourself to, (2) write a business plan

with expected expenditures and how you’ll make money, (3) create online social media profiles and your website, and (4) makes sure you’ve filed the accurate business and tax paperwork for your state. Once you’ve completed your first steps as a life coach, it’s time to heavily market your skills and begin making connections with potential clients. Did you know the average customer needs to interact with your brand at least seven times before they consider making a purchase? Sign up here for more life coach content.



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