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Fashion and Style Consulting 101

Fashion consulting (also known as job titles like style consultant or wardrobe consultant) works with client’s goals to improve their look for one night or their entire wardrobe.

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What is a fashion or style consultant?

Fashion consulting (also known as job titles like style consultant or wardrobe consultant) involves helping people improve their wardrobe and/or overall “look.” Style consulting fits into the broader category of image consulting with a specific focus on the appearance of the client, including aspects like a single outfit or an entire wardrobe, hairstyle and color, makeup, etc. Like other types of coaching, the goals of the client are the primary concern for style coaches––whether they’re seeking professional styling for an event or looking to upgrade their closet in hopes of getting a promotion at work.

What does a fashion/style consultant do?

Essentially, style consultants help you “look the part.” While celebrities are known to hire professional stylists to dress them for an awards show or photoshoot, style consultants may also help you shop for clothes that flatter your body type. Fashion and style consultant may offer a wide range of services to help their clients achieve their style goals, such as:

  • Event styling

  • Hairstyle and color recommendations

  • Makeup consultation

  • Full closet review

  • Personal shopping

  • Building your personal style/brand

How much can a fashion coach or style consultant charge per hour?

The price per hour for a style consultant can vary widely depending on how well-known the consultant is (such as Kardashian stylists Monica Rose or Simone Harouche).

Location also plays a major role in the cost for a fashion consultant, with more expensive coaches offering services in major fashion markets like New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and Tokyo. Prices can run from $50 per hour into the thousands––however, most style consultants charge between $50 and $350 per hour.

Additionally, many style consultants offer packages that come with a set of services (such as 2 hours for a wardrobe audit, 2 hours for a style consultation, and 4 hours of personal shopping). Often, the price of the package costs less than the total amount of hours included, but encourages clients to spend more time with the consultant.

What is the annual salary for a style consultant?

Various fashion schools and online resources estimate the average annual salary consultant is between $50,000 and $80,000 in the U.S. How much a stylist earns depends on how they charge for their services (such as per hour or monthly) and any additional skills they may be able to add to their consulting services. For instance, some style consultants are licensed hair stylists and makeup artists. By offering these services to their clients, they may be able to charge more and meet with a larger network of potential clients.

How do you start a business as a fashion or style consultant?

There’s no required licensure or certification to enter the field of fashion consulting. Apart from obtaining a business license, individuals are free to use whatever experience they have to become a professional style consultant. For those without any experience, entry-level style consulting/personal shopping jobs at department stores and boutiques can build your resume and your clientele. Retail jobs also give up-and-coming consultants paid, on-the-job training in customer relationships and communication.

Many famous stylists chose to attend fashion or design schools to better understand the history of fashion as well as the industry. No doubt, it is vital for a style consultant to be well-educated on fashion trends past and present––with a keen eye to the future, too.

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