Fashion and Style Consulting 101

Style consulting fits into the broader category of image consulting with a specific focus on the appearance of the client, including aspects

Can You Become a Coach or Consultant?

Becoming a coach is also becoming a small business owner. You’ll need to know how to run a business (including all required certifications a

Fitness Coach or Personal Trainer?

A coach willingly goes outside his comfort zone to shore up his weaknesses. He understands it can be a lengthy process. But that’s okay.

Social Media Consulting 101

A social media consultant is an advisor with in-depth knowledge of branding and marketing techniques with proven success on social media.

Rethinking Your Instagram Backgrounds

These street art selfies are poised to become the next legal battleground for influencers as artists grow wary of the association.

Relationship Coaching 101

Relationship coaches help individuals resolve conflicts and boost their emotional well-being in their personal or professional lives.

Motivational Coaching 101

Motivational coaching is consulting that involves helping clients identify their issues and find the motivation to achieve their goals.

Esports and Video Game Coaching 101

Esports and video game coaching has become a popular career choice for many gamers with knowledge playing console, PC, and mobile games.

Public Speaking, Featuring YOU

The fourth step, Gain Speaking Skills, may be the most important, as often times it is not what your saying that matters most, but how you s

Health & Wellness Coaching 101

Health and wellness coaches help fill the gap between medical care provided by a doctor and the everyday lifestyle choices people make.